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Happy New Year
Thu, 15th Jan, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Come and see our SHOP that is having new bricks put in the walls everyday…

stay stoked


Sketch Holiday

With Wisdom & Art From:

Tom Wegener, Dick Hoole, Peter Drouyn, Albe Falzon, George Greenough, Peter Crawford, Justin Crawford, Nigel Arnison, Jacob Stuth, Laurie Mcguiness, Harry Daily, Sketch Holiday, Harry the Hat, Beau Young, Bob Mctavish, Dick Van Straalen, Chris Brock, Jim Banks, Terepai Richmond, Gary Birdsall, Steve Cooney, Antony Colas, Von Weirdo, David Rastovich, Mal Sutherland, Marea Ryan, Lawrence Eastland, Alex Kopps, Band of Frequencies, Sol Carroll, Ash Grunwald, Oj Newcomb, Afro Dizzi Act, Andrew Crockett, Daniel Crockett, John Eldridge, Dave Milnes, Luke Wright, Ryan Heywood, Soup Design, Daryn McBride, Eddie Sawden, Rusty Miller, Cyrus Sutton, Rodney Oberman, Bryn Hall, Howie Cooke, Low Pressure Productions, Bob Cooper, Dane Peterson, Frank Pithers, Garth Robinson, John Witzig, Bob Weeks, Barrie Sutherland, Droog, Bruce Usher, Belinda Baggs, Eddie Sawden, John Pennings, Martin Tullemans, Russ PIerre, Dave Kelly, Keith Hamlyn, Geoff McCoy, Mex Sumpter, Nathan Oldfield, Steen Barnes, Mark Stranger, Dave Muir, Peter Troy, Keith Paull, Bobby Brown, Bob Pike (r.i.p)

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Welcome to Switch-foot.com

This site is dedicated to the subculture within surfing that is represented in the switch-foot publications. Through this website, it is hoped that more people come together to support the artistic side of surfing and the many offshoots that it breeds in music and art.

“A seagull soars effortlessly. Without a flap of its wings, it climbs and drops, arcs and circles, riding the air-currents that are not visible even to its own eyes. There are those refined surfers who compliment the wave. They see the wave but can also perceive how the subtle energy is causing the wave to move and can thereby tune into and move with it.” - Ted Spencer